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This Thing On?

Wow..it’s been a while.  This really does seem like it’s beginning to look like posts every year or so.  Maybe I’m not the writing type.  Then again, I really don’t like to talk much either.  So what am I?

My previous post was regarding a career change and I am still heading toward that goal, however, I have two paths that I am taking right now.  I am enrolled in Orange Coast College pursuing a certificate on Construction Technology.  My goal here is to prepare myself to take the test to become a building inspector.  Less stress than what most careers have to offer.  Also on the side, I am finishing up the last semester of the Cisco CCNA certification prep class in hopes of taking the test to be certified by early next year.  If that path pans out, I will do that.

For work right now, I’m pretty much not doing anything right now.  I have been commissioned as a notary public until 2014.  While not making much money (hardly any), I have at least recurred the amount of money to take the test and pay for the materials.  I do need (and want) to find something that will work around my schedule, but haven’t been successful as of late.  Perhaps I’m not looking in the right places…perhaps now is not the time to look for a job?  I do want to work though.  I hate to be dependent on others to get me by.  It goes against all my beliefs as an individual.  Eats away at me…


Another Year and Another post?

Yeap it’s that time again and I believe it’s time for me to post another stafo report.

It’s been more than a year since the last post.  The last post was during the period when the Lakers were handedly defeated by the Boston Celtics and this year will be different.  The Boston Celtics were eliminated by the Orlando Magic this year so there will be no repeat without KG.  So far in this postseason, the Lakers do not look like the team they were last year.  In fact, they are a weaker whole.  If their lackluster performance of the past series between the Rockets were any indication, it’s that they are not ready to be a formidable opponent this year.

As of this writing, the Lakers’ oppenent are the Nuggets and even though they have defeated them tonight, they do not have the killer instinct they used to have.  They lack the heart that once was there and only a select few really seem to want to win.  Up until game 7 vs. the Rockets, I had thought that Pau didn’t want to win let alone make it pass the second round.  He played well.  He should have played in the same fashion most of that series without Yao guarding the paint.

Career Change

So I’m thinking about a new direction for my career. I believe that it is time for me to grab life by the horns and really do what I want to do. I’ve thought about it for a week and while owning a small business might have some benefits to a certain lifestyle, it just drains too much of my time, energy, and effort for me to call it rewarding.

I am going to train to become certified in networking by studying for the CCNA. This will at least get me a foot in the door in the computer networking field and quite possibly free some more time for me in the future. I may want to read about it some more, but judging from what I think the direction the Internet is going, I may have to focus on network security.

More on this later.

Of Gatherings

Tonight, I had the opportunity to feast on some grilled meat at one of our DongSan sister’s parents’ house as a going away dinner party for their daughter Julie Carl. I write because it is my utmost belief that social gatherings such as these build the best kind of community of any church bodies. These are less formal than worship services and tend to be a bit more looser which is important since we all get to just relax do what we do.

It builds friendships, allows for networking, and helps familiarize everyone why we come to gather. It is not merely for the sake of consuming food to be satisfied, but to gain an appreciation for the commitments past, present, and future. Without these gatherings, we are set for small cliques that form that may not only divide the church group, but may build animosity within the fellowship. A slight discord if you will. I offer up my thanks and gratitude for the generosity and hospitality of the Carl’s and offer them hope in many things they may ask for of God.

The Dark Knight

Where do I even even begin to start describing a movie that is so hyped and yet could be so much more in terms to delivery and content? While I will agree with the countless reviews already plastered across the Internets, I have some minor gripes with the movie that I cannot ignore when I give the final score (9/10).

I will spare the details about the movie plot as there are some things that need not be discussed when giving a score or review on a film, but rather the performances not just of Ledger and Bale really set give this movie a run for their money in terms of comic book movies go. I will have to say that this is the type of movie that moves cartoon fantasy out of the comic book movie genre and should be regarded as the bridge between real life crime dramas and comic action dramas. Although we see Batman doing countless number of stunts that seem near impossible in real life, we get the sense that if the world had a Batman, he could pull these stunts off.

The minor gripe I had with this movie is, however, the main star. Batman should not be talking in extended scenes because the more I heard him talk, the more I felt he just ran a mile and was panting and gasping for air as he spoke. This totally bothered me when watching the movie and while it’s not a deal breaker, it deterred me enough to give it a lower score than it deserves.

Should everyone see this movie? Yes. It’s intense, so leave the kids at home.

Sunday worship

Finished up another day at the ol’ church. I don’t want to make it sound like a drag, but it’s hard when my heart isn’t in it sometimes. What happened to the fire that once ignited for God that saw the world with rose colored stones? What happened to the days where serving meant so much as a reward rather than a duty and a chore? What happened to the people who passionately worshiped for the sake of worshiping rather than empty echoes in a sanctuary? Those days are gone for me.


Spent the better part of my day at the park with some EM members in honor of the 4th of July. Barnes Park had some sort of firework extravaganza at sunset that was not to be missed. This marked the first time that I tried to photograph fireworks with my Nikon D40x and while I did have a bit of a problem figuring out how to correctly set the shutter and aperture, I got it down fairly well.

The day wasn’t as great as I thought it would be as it seemed more like a babysitting job with the youth. For some reason, when the youth get involved, it’s more troublesome and tiring for the rest of the EM. It’s probably because they really don’t do much but consume and complain. It’s sad to see what the current culture is turning into. What happened to the generosity of the younger generation toward the older? What ever happened to common decency (I site only the youth ‘ooh’ing and ‘ahh’ing throughout the fireworks which seemed a bit juvenile)? This is precisely the reason why I had to turn my back on serving the youth. They are a lost cause.